• By: Darryl Stallworth, Esq.
  • Published: August 12, 2017

Alameda County Bar Association

2015 Distinguished Service Award for Lawyer: Darryl Stallworth, Law Office of Darryl Stallworth

A former District Attorney for Alameda County with over 50 jury trials under his belt, Darryl moved into private criminal defense practice in 2007. Darryl became a member of the Court Appointed Attorneys Program (CAAP) in 2010, joined the CAAP Advisory Committee in 2011, and served as the Chair of that Committee from 2012-2014. Darryl is active in the community, having served as President of the Charles Houston Bar Association, a member of the California Association of Black Lawyers, the National Bar Association, and 100 Black Men of the Bay Area.

The Institute for the Study and Development of Legal Systems (ISDLS) http://www.isdls.org San Francisco.

Institute for the Study and Development of Legal Systems (ISDLS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that conducts international legal reform and exchange projects in collaboration with foreign governments and legal professionals. ISDLS is comprised of over eighty leading legal professionals in the state of California, including federal and state judges, prosecutors and public defenders; private and city attorneys; court administrators; private and court-appointed mediators and arbitrators; law professors; directors of judicial education and performance centers and committees; directors of law enforcement oversight bodies; law enforcement officers and trainers; journalists and others.

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