“Darryl is my classmate and teammate and has always been fast at the tongue. Now he has the law on the tip of his tongue and you will see his expertise, his intelligence, and vast command for the law when it’s working in and on your behalf. I have recommended several people to him and they all have been very happy with their consultation and representation. Darryl A Stallworth is the cream of the crop.”– Raymond N.

“I’ve been on probation for three years in June and I’ve been in the California drug court program and I’m happy to say I really do applaud this new law ab 1950 because I’m now able to finally get off probation a little early and move on with my life!”– Christina C.

“Reader just to be clear I am by far a real person ! I am writing this review a year later ,and three years from the date of the incident. My name is Miesha Williams I am a mother of seven and a wife of an African American native in Oakland ca. Who was charged and represented by Darryl Stallworth. October 10, of 2018 . My nightmare and future was in the works and gamble of 12 jurors and an attorney with a remarkable track record with courts but , not so well with Santa Rita inmates and families because the outcomes in many opinions weren’t favorable! So on , October 10,2018 I’m sure you can can only imagine the world wind of emotion and thoughts going our heads as we endure the week long trial and due to martial status . I wasn’t able to attend trial only the verdict! And a very compelling closing arrangements which made the prosecutor look like poop. So , with God leading Mr. Stallworth and the jurors , Along with the jurors watching my family and I every movement and body gestures it was hell on earth. We had to keep a certain court room presence that was natural and remain hopeful for the best outcome. So at about 4:30 as the courts was closing the clerk called up to Stallworth and said they have reached a decision???
So with all the anxiety, distrust ,Optimistic and nervousness against the legal system of being a Minority caught up in the Justice system. we marched our way back to the courtroom . And the head juror read out the VERDICT on 12 counts of foolishness it read to our surprise in God’s s grace not guilty on all charges brought against him. I was in so disbelief and without Stallworth taking the case and believing in my husband he would have faced 40 plus years of attempting murder on his own property! Sometimes you have to TRUST what You don’t believe ! This man changed our life and gave us a second start … Darryl Stallworth is by far the best trustworthy unpredictable attorney and well worth the fight to have on your side!!!”– Shaun W.

“Did a wonderful job with my case good man a God send to me and my family much thanks.”– Kurtis C.

“2010. My son was given a second chance. He was doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. During those hours of foolishness he accidentally shot and killed a good friend. I had to hear about the terrible incident on the news and rumors from a city of constituent in which I was raised from birth. I was not into poverty. So education was very important to me. Once I had children their education was very important as well. So I explained to you the best thing in life is to go to school and find a career. Not just a job your education is for you not for me. I have wisdom. Raised as a child of God. A night you never could see coming. The violence gun shot sirens you’ll never Know. To keep my kids out of harms way and you giving it all to the lord. We as parents have given you our best. A child that needed nothing but the years to grow and learn. Wanted to see the struggle of life is how I put it as a loving mother. Cashed a check he couldn’t cash. It was about week the the Alameda justice department let me see him in court. My days and nights were horrified for my 19 year young son soon to be 20. I said son why you did call me he said mom you told if I get in trouble don’t call. Word I regret after 11 years but meant. There was no reason to get in trouble it was mischievous or the unknown. Anyway Keys after a month public defender straight said 50 to life its the best the state could do. My son was perfect but he was a great kid and thank to god a good man in prison now. Thanks to Mr. Stallworth my son will be home in a couple of years He will now have a second chance to do right and give back to society. I especially would like for my son in any way to give his all and dedicate the memories of his friend to his friend’s only son. God bless. Have a safe and wonderful day.”– Robin H.

“I highly recommend this attorney. He’s a fighter for his clients, and he’s highly dedicated, competent, and knows and understands the law. If you need an EXCELLENT lawyer, look no further.” – A Satisfied Client

“This attorney came as a result of a dear friend of mine recommending him to defend a close family member in a very serious case – a murder case with special circumstances, initially with the DA pursuing the death penalty. Charges and penalty can’t get any worse. Upon speaking with Mr. Stallworh initially by phone, his calm and humble nature were enough for my family to select him over another recommendation. He just made us feel like he cared about us, and understood the emotions we were encountering. Upon agreeing to accept the case, he eventually went to visit my family member whom he was hired to represent, who was jailed in a different county from which Mr. Stallworth’s practice is in. After we spoke with our family member after he had met with Mr. Stallworth, he, too, was convinced that the right attorney had been hired to defend his life. Over a 4.5 year period, there were periodic meetings between Mr. Stallworth and his client who remained jail while awaiting trial, as well as many court appearances. Although the drive to see his client took several hours to get there, Mr. Stallworth was diligent in making visits, never complaining about the 5 hour drive. In his humble demeanor, he was lining up defenses the entire time, quietly preparing his case for trial.

When the time finally arrived for trial, Mr. Stallworth, armored with his strong faith in tact, having done homework from every possible angle, went to task. After a 3-month trial, my family could not be more pleased with the outcome. Needless to say, thanks to the dedication, selfless nature, and competence of an attorney who fought for his client and our family, believed in his client, took a chance with the judicial system that worked so favorably for him that the murder charges were DISMISSED and our family member is FREE!! I highly recommend this attorney. He’s a fighter for his clients, and he’s highly dedicated, competent, and knows and understands the law. If you need an EXCELLENT lawyer, look no further.” – Judy L.

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